Level Six Workshop

Experience the energy, love and wisdom of some of the more unusual Archangels such as Archangel Paschiel as depicted here.
You will bathe in the radiance of Archangel Paschiel ’s love who is waiting to connect with you and create miracles in your life. Archangel Paschiel embodies the Lesson of Miracles and teaches us that ALL is possible.
Other Archangels on Level 6 include Archangel Ioffiel who radiates rainbow light and blesses us to be abundantly creative in all that we do and Archangel Amariel who teaches us the Lesson of Thanking.

Fee £99

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Accommodation   There is a fantastic selection of accommodation in The Cotswolds including small family run guest houses.
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"You filled my heart with joy. Thanks"
"Ioffiel helped me transform my garden into a thing of beauty. It is now filled with flowers giving much joy to everyone!".