Archangel Soul Purpose Readings
(using my unique set of 144 Archangel cards)


You just have to send me your date of birth and full name and I will intuitively select which 5 of the 144 Archangels are guiding and supporting you at the moment.

Within 3 weeks I will mail you detailed information about each of your personal Archangels including the Lesson that each of these Archangels is teaching you.

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Archangel Spray and 5 Cards included

The Reading includes 5 beautiful Archangel cards of whichever Archangels I intuitively select from the 144 for you AND an Archangel Spray containing the essential oils which resonate with the 5 Archangels I have intuitively chosen for you.

The images of the Archangels and your personal Archangel Spray will help you to connect on a deeper level with your Archangels.

You can order more of your special spray at any time from the website.


Archangel Soul Purpose Reading £95 GBP

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